Laboratory of Psychology

The Psychology Laboratory has state-of-the-art and exemplary amenities for conducting behavioural research, encompassing an expansive space of 800 square feet. It possesses amenities for doing research in numerous state-of-the-art domains of psychology. The following phenomena and assessments can be observed: the Muller layer illusion, the Memory drum, the Span of attention – Tachistoscope, the Mirror drawing, the Finger dexterity test, the Multidimensional personality inventory, the Creativity test, the Bells adjustment inventory, the Teaching competency scale, the Leadership effectiveness scale, and the Self-concept inventory. For data analysis, encompassing both qualitative and quantitative approaches, there are software options such as SPSS and NVivo. The laboratory is equipped with a unidirectional glass enclosure, along with audio and visual apparatus. Furthermore, it possesses a vast assortment of psychological assessments and compilations.

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