Linguistic Laboratory

The English language laboratory possesses a capacity for 20+1 participants and operates within a spacious 800-square-foot area. General English students extensively utilised the Language Lab’s amenities for instruction as a component of their first-semester course, “Communication Skills in English”, which included an Oral Test segment. Students were instructed in the cultivation of their auditory and verbal aptitudes through specialized sessions centred on enunciation and communicative proficiency. A hybrid approach to language instruction is implemented in the language laboratory, wherein the instructor elucidates linguistic principles and directs the students through various modules, and subsequently, the students independently engage in individualized practice on their computer systems within the laboratory. Hence, the students acquire a more thorough understanding through the English language laboratory since it addresses the following objectives in the teaching-learning process. Educators have the opportunity to oversee the students’ practical exercises and promptly obtain feedback on their performance, which can be employed to tailor the instructional and learning activities in order to optimize language proficiency in both the laboratory and the classroom.

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